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Drop offs and pick ups - Sept 2021 onwards

After staff, governors and I have carefully considered the arrangements that have been in place throughout the pandemic, I am now able to confirm the drop off and pick up arrangements for September 2021. These are subject to the continued relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions/risk assessments and may change if restrictions are re-instated due local outbreaks. 


Drop offs - 


We have seen a significant number of benefits running drop offs as we have been doing during the last academic year and will continue this arrangement in September. Such benefits include; increased learning time in the morning due to children making their way into school quicker (about an hour per week, 40 hours per year!), staggered handwashing which is something that will need to continue in September and significantly less congestion around school with a drop and go system which in turn is making the drop off a much safer and more efficient process. Staff will meet the children at the school gates from 8:40am with school starting at 8:50am. Staff will be on hand to help settle reluctant starters. 


Pick-ups - 


Whilst an efficient drop off system is of massive benefit to school, so too is some time for parents to be able to socialise and be welcomed onto school premises (in-line with our community ethos and open-door policy). With that in mind, I am very keen for pick-ups to be run as they were before the pandemic. Parents will be welcome to come onto the school playground10 minutes before the end of the day (a staff member will come and open the gate - please don't enter before this). Staff will then dismiss the children individually.


Please be mindful of the fact that the school premises need to be vacated as soon as possible to allow for clubs, etc. 


Fingers crossed that such arrangements can be implemented without further Covid-restrictions. If, however, Derbyshire implement a risk assessment that puts pay to such arrangements, I will be sure to inform you in good time.


Kind regards 


Mr Ratcliffe - Executive Headteacher