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Miss Gregory's Diary 30.3.20

30th March 2020

Day 6 not at school:
I started the morning, after my cup of tea, by completing the Joe Wicks workout - I'm sure I will be feeling that 30 second plank in the morning! I hope others from Wigley and Penny Acres are joining in too; It would be lovely to think that we are all joining in the same activity at the same time.
Breakfast followed shortly after with a hot cross bun oozing in butter - well, we all need to have our little pleasures at a time like this. Hopefully, the Joe Wicks helped burn the calories!
I opened my laptop, along with a second cup of tea,  to look at any messages. It was lovely to hear what Daisy had been up to on the school blog, and that Jessie also has a rainbow in her window. This demonstrates that we all may not be together but we're never far away.
Lucy has finished her art competition and Rupert's maths looks great. Sophia has completed all her tasks on Purple Mash and it's great to see how many children are working on their multiplication tables.
After this, I completed my hourly kilometre around the garden.  I worked out how many laps it would take to walk a kilometre - it gets me away from the computer and the bonus, it makes sure I am completing my daily steps! I always feel better once I have had some fresh air. (I wonder if the Year 5 and 6 children could calculate the equivalent in miles?)
My only disappointment is that I haven't sung a single song since last Friday - I must be saving up all my tunes until school returns. 
It would be lovely to hear what everyone at Wigley and Penny Acres have been up to - maybe they will send a diary of their day...
There's no excuse - you have our email address, get writing!