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White Hall Days 1 and 2 #W

25th May 2021

Years 4 and 5 Climbing Wall Monday
Years 4 and 5 Net Climb
Years 4 and 5 Climbing Wall
We didn't get much time to rest!
Years 4 and 5 Orienteering
Years 3 and 4 had time out of the rain this morning with the indoor climbing wall.
Years 4 and 5 had to create a picture, using the environment around them. 
Years 3 and 4 net scramble - all of us managed to reach the top and honk the horn!
Years 3 and 4 Stream Scramble. Well done - you all challenged yourselves to walk through deep, flowing water. At least you got to cool off in the waterfall at the end!
You may notice some slightly blurred photos - the camera also had a soaking!