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School Aims


Everyone in our federation is committed to creating a lively, stimulating and hard-working learning environment where individual talents are nurtured and celebrated and where each child is able to reach their full potential.


 To foster a happy, safe and caring atmosphere in which each child can forge co-operative and supportive relationships, demonstrate tolerance and respect for all people and for themselves.


 To encourage all members of school, both children and adults alike, to give of their very best and have high expectations and aspirations for their futures.


 To provide a dynamic and relevant curriculum; one which serves to inspire the children and prepares them for the challenges of life and citizenship in the 21st Century.


 To develop our children’s self-confidence, self-awareness and self- belief by providing them with new and exciting experiences, encouraging them to move out of their ‘comfort zone’ and helping them to identify ways to develop and improve.


 To instil in the children the key skills and attitudes necessary for them to become motivated and independent learners, leaders and co-operative team players.


 To develop the children’s respect for our world and provide opportunities for them to make a positive contribution to improving the environment.


 To develop and extend the children’s knowledge of their world and respect for moral values, tolerance of gender, sexual orientation and other cultures so that they are equipped for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.


 To promote healthy and active living and develop a sense of self, to include an awareness of the importance of health and wellbeing.


 To encourage all parents and carers to play a positive and active role in the education of their children by forging meaningful relationships.


 To develop and encourage a pride and sense of belonging to our federation and establish our schools at the centre of the local community.