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Governing body


Please open the attachment at the bottom of this page for a full list of roles, responsibilities and business interests of our governing body.

1. The name of the federation is The Penny Acres and Wigley Federation.

2. The names and categories of the schools are:
 a. Penny Acres Primary School
 b. Wigley Primary School.

3. The name of the governing body is "The governing body of The Penny Acres and Wigley Schools Federation".

4. The governing body shall consist of:
 a. 2 parent governors (Catherine Simpson and Sat Makkar)
 b. 1 LA governor (Vacancy)
 c. 1 staff governor (Lynsey Gregory)
 d. 1 Headteacher (Dave Ratcliffe)
 e. 4 co-opted governors ( Paul Dorward, Linda Jones, Mark Williams, Sally Clements).
    Chair: Paul Dorward 

5. Total number of governors is 9.

6. The term of office of all governors is 4 years.

7. The Instrument of Government came into effect on 5 September 2017 replacing the Instrument of Government made on 1 March 2013.

8. This instrument was made by order of Derbyshire Local Authority on 5 September 2017.

9. A copy of the Instrument of Government must be supplied to every member of the governing body (and the Headteacher if not a governor).
Governor Pen Portraits

Mr David Ratcliffe

Executive Headteacher

I am very proud to be the Executive Headteacher of two wonderful, quintessentially rural, Derbyshire schools, having moved to the Federation in November 2018 after previously working in the Bolsover area for 15 years.

I am passionately committed to improving the outcomes for all of the pupils in our Federation in order that they can reach their full potential and be proud of their achievements. I do this through encouraging a strong sense of family, a respect and tolerance of others and through an unwavering belief that every pupil can achieve - a vison passionately shared by staff in both schools.

As Headteacher, I will continue to strive to maintain and raise the standards of both schools in the Federation, ensuring that both schools, pupils and parents make positive contributions to our fabulous communities.

I am married with two children (aged 7 and 10) and in what spare time I have, I enjoy Motorcycle Trials riding, Camper Van festivals during which I can often be seen showing my campervan, fishing and walking with my family in the countryside we are very fortunate to have on our doorstep.

Mrs Linda Jones

Co-opted Governor

Hi, my name is Linda Jones and for the past 3 years I have been a Governor, latterly Vice-Chair with The Federation of Wigley and Penny Acres Primary Schools. I really enjoy my role and believe that the skills and experience I bring are contributing to making a difference to the school community.
I want to support The Federation and the Executive Headteacher in continuing to develop the welfare and education of the children, staff and for the school to excel in the local area. Having retired in 2012, I felt I’d like to volunteer to read with the children and help to support their learning in school. This I did until 2019, prior to becoming a Governor.
Currently, I have three granddaughters, my eldest will soon be 14, she attended Wigley and my twin granddaughters will be in Year 6 at Wigley, come September. I also have a little grandson who hopefully in the future will also join the Wigley family. The girls were my motivation to volunteer to become a Parent Governor, as they all have, without exception, enjoyed their school days within The Federation.
Throughout my working life with the NHS, I designed and delivered both Management and Essential training for 5,400 staff both clinical and non-clinical staff. Therefore, my expertise will help to give me more understanding of the challenges that schools face.

Mrs Catherine Simpson

Parent Governor

I am a parent of three children at Wigley Primary School and Parent Governor for the Federation. I hope to bring my lifelong passion for learning and development, and experience of teaching to the role. I am eager to really get to know both schools and to gain the knowledge and skills needed to support the Federation.
It is an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to support two wonderful rural schools in providing the best education for each and every child that attends.

I have dedicated the last few years to raising my children and helping my husband on the farm. I have discovered a new love for gardening and when I get the chance I enjoy jive and playing folk music on my violin. Although you will most likely find me reading, learning and thinking.