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Pupil Premium


Governors, teachers and support staff in the Federation of Penny Acres and Wigley Primary Schools remain committed to creating a lively, stimulating and hard-working learning environment where individual talents are nurtured and celebrated and where every child, regardless of background, is able to reach their full potential.


Priority aim and vision regarding the use of Pupil Premium.


To enhance and improve the educational experience of children identified as being in some way disadvantaged, to include the three strands of;


  • education (academic progress)

  • enrichment (educational and cultural experiences beyond the core curriculum)

  • engagement (wider participation in school and external community both for pupils and parents)


Leading to an improvement in the learning outcomes for all disadvantaged/vulnerable pupils across school and representation in ALL aspects of school and community life, including school leadership groups and enrichment activities.


Barriers to future attainment


  • Resilience

  • Motivation

  • Effective parental support.


Success Criteria linked directly to identified barriers to learning:


  • Rates of academic progress for disadvantaged/vulnerable pupils to be closer matched to pupils nationally in Literacy and Numeracy by the end of the Key Stage.

  • Rates of academic progress for disadvantaged/vulnerable pupils to be closer matched to other children in the year group.

  • Accelerated progress for disadvantaged/vulnerable children identified as under-attaining.

  • Attendance to meet national expectations for pupils.

  • Systems for the monitoring and analysis of the full range of interventions continue to impact on teaching and learning pedagogy.

  • Pupils actively involved in a range of roles within the school community and making positive contributions to the wider community.

  • Pupils are motivated and enjoy their educational experience.

  • Enhanced aspirations for children identified as disadvantaged as a result of their successes.

  • Parents/carers of vulnerable/disadvantaged pupils have the skills and confidence to offer appropriate support to their children.