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Isaac Newton #W

11th November 2021

Isaac Newton was one of the greatest mathematicians, physicists and the most influential scientist of all time.
Not only that, he was an astronomer, theologian and author.
To put it simply, he was a genius!
Isaac Newton discovered the theory of gravity.
Gravity = an invisible force that pulls objects towards each other.
Earth's gravity is what keeps us on the ground and what makes things fall. The closer objects are to each other, the stronger the gravitational pull is.
We have been experimenting with eggs to test out Newton’s theory.

We found out that the faster the egg falls, the greater the force.
This means that when we released the eggs, gravity pulled it to the surface of the Earth, the force of that pull broke the eggs shells.
During a pandemic ( the Black Death) , Isaac Newton had to work from home too!
When he was in his early 20’s the Great Plague of London hit.
It would be another 200 years before scientists discovered the bacteria that causes a plague.
In 1665 there was also a version of “social distancing”