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KS2 Escape to the Pole!

Each week we will be adding a new key question for you to research, alongside some cross curricular activities.
Please complete the daily Bitesize maths and English activity for your Year Group. (Please feel free to look at a lower Year Group but not higher, unless Y6!)
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email:
or any other member of staff.
Please keep checking Purple Mash and continue with TT Rock Stars. 
Some of your work emailed has been added to the What  have you been up to lately? part of the website for you to see what others have been doing.
Keep Exploring
The KS2 Staff
Week 1
Week Commencing 20.4.20 - Where is the South Pole?
Please use the Bitesize link for resources for maths and English lessons daily:
Activity 1 
Look at the power point North or South to learn about the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. 
Write your own fact files, or use the one attached to find out about other countries in the Southern Hemisphere.
Activity 2
Facts about the South Pole..
Use the web link to answer questions about the South Pole.
Activity 3
Design and make your own energy bar.
Activity 4
Working from home in science.
Activity 5
Working at home in RE
Activity 6
Handwriting - gg and Roman Numerals
Philosophy Friday -
Would you prefer to:
-  live in the Sahara Desert
- live at the South Pole.
Answers with reasons why to:
The Sahara desert because even though water resources would be limited, heat wouldn’t and there are people in the Sahara desert and not in Antarctica.  by James
Week 2 - Week Commencing 27th April
Please continue the daily activities for maths and English on the Bitesize website:
Please feel free to go back to any activities missed from Week 1. Don't feel as if you have to finish all activities; they can be completed in any order.
What is the South Pole like?
Activity 1 - Compare the weather at the South Pole (Antarctica) with another country.
Activity 2 - Design and make an igloo.
Activity 3 - What is the difference between weather and climate? Watch the clip and complete the worksheet, or answer in your home learning book.
Activity 4 - French - Weather
Activity 5 - How to make a thermometer
Activity 6 - Handwriting. Either print the sheet out, or copy the handwriting in your home learning book.
Activity 7 - Comprehension. Please choose the most appropriate.
Activity 8 -  RE May Day
Activity 9 - Science. Creatures in our environment
Activity 10 - Philosophy for Children
Spellings linked to the Purple Mash activity, Wigley. Penny Acres were given their spellings in their home learning journal but please feel free to complete these also.
Keep a look out for different 2do tasks set on Purple Mash. Many are linked to this term's topic.


Philosophy Friday

James thought about these items:

Book  Teddy  Photo of family Phone  Lego Planetarium Tablet Game Light Sat phone

Before deciding:

Sat phone because you could access photos, play a game, read book and it would make a light.

Fallon thought about: pink Ted, book, blanket, light, Harley, iPad, food, tent  and tent warmer, bed coat..

She decided on an iPad so she can face-time, and it has a light.

Noah looked at taking his: teddy bear, a picture of his family, T.V., iPad, Steve (Monkey), a snow board or sledge, ear defenders, sleeping mask, and a phone.

 Noah said he’d take a phone (his dad’s) so he could play games, use it as a torch, take photos, ring people, and see pictures of his family.

Week 3 - Week Commencing 4th May
What animals live in Antarctica? How do animals adapt to climate and their surroundings?
As previous weeks, continue to complete Bitesize Daily:
activities below and Purple Mash. Additional activities commemorating VE day will also be added.
PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL LETTING US KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN UP TO.  If you have not emailed us, or completed a task on Purple Mash, please contact us - we are here to help and would love some feedback on the activities, either on the website, or on Purple Mash. If you have a piece of work you would like us share on the website, please send that too!                                           
Activity 1 -  How do animals adapt to their surroundings?
Activity 2 - Locate the countries around the world penguins can be found?
Fun Activity - Online penguin jigsaw.
Activity 3 - Key vocabulary relating to penguins.
Activity 4 - Handwriting
Activity 5- French What is the weather like?
Activity 6 - Science
Activity 7 - RE Art
Activity 8 - Online Safety
Activity 9 - Philosophy Friday
Activity 10 - VE Day Celebrations - see separate page on the website for all resources.

Week 4 - Week Beginning 11.5.20
Which explorers have travelled to Antarctica?
Please continue with the daily Bitesize activities for English and maths.
Check your Purple Mash login for additional tasks.
If you haven't already done so, please email us and let us know how you are doing. If you have, please keep emailing us! If you have any questions to ask, anything to ask us or ideas for the topic, please let us know too. WE MISS YOU ALL!
Activity 1 - Explorers to the South Pole. Complete tasks on the power point. You could use Purple Mash for your newspaper report.
Activity 2 - Compare the two journeys of Scott and Amundsen's race to the pole.
Activity 3 - Cut out and order the timeline of events.
Activity 4 - Handwriting
Activity 5 - Science
Activity 6 - RE, Art, PSHE
Activity 7 - Philosophy Friday
Week 5 - Week Commencing 18.5.20
Inspirational Explorers
The RE topic has been looking at Inspirational people, such as Captain Tom. History/Geography have been looking at explorers to the South Pole. For our final week of the half term, we are going to bring this altogether.
Please continue with maths, English and activities on the Purple Mash site. Some parents have asked for the White Rose maths, so I have placed these on the KS2 page.
Activity 1 - Inspirational People
Activity 2 - Ernest Shackleton
Activity 3 - French weekly weather forecast
Activity 4 - Handwriting sheets
Activity 5 - RE
Activity 6 - Science
Activity 7 - P4C Is a penguin a bird?
There won't be any tasks set for next week but please feel free to complete any past pieces of work on the website or Purple Mash. Please continue emailing us with your work over the holidays.